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24 April 2018

Refreshing ice creams!

Ice cream by SOFA Fall in love with the rainbow of flavours   Vanilla star /vanilla, gingerbread, dark chocolate, fresh raspberry, dried cranberry, chocolate syrup with […]
9 April 2018

Menu Spring is Comming!

Spring is coming! Breakfast French toast with spinach, fried egg and goat cheese  16,-     /spinach, goat cheese, egg, bread, salad mix/ Lunch Creamy zucchini soup […]
27 March 2018

Menu “Easter in Sofa”

Easter in Sofa   Breakfast Easter breakfast basket /bread, tomato salad, mayonnaise without egg, two pastes: paste without egg and sweet potato pate/ We recommend Easter […]
20 March 2018

Pink latte

Discover the first pink latte in Poland! Do you know… The first Pink latte was created in Australia. The beautifulness of colour owes from beetroot. Doesn’t […]

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