Dreams are wonderful… Especially those in which you can relish, enjoying their flavors and take deep breath with satisfaction. Do not give up your dreams and desires, even when they seem to be unavailable more than sparkling faraway stars. It sounds like an empty cliché? Please, cosily sit down in SOFA and listen careful. It seems that you probably know the beginning of our story.

When leisurely walk down Wałowa Street smells of fresh coffee and candies and bracing wind blows filled our heads with dreams. We did not abandoned or drown them, never deferred our fantasies for not-existent tomorrow. But we cared about them tenderly. Winter was arrived and our evenings was wreathed with yearning for holidays lightness and careless. One day we said: “Go to work!”. We wanted a tranquilly space, place without noises and quarrels of crowd, without dissatisfaction of people staying in endless queues.

We did not wanted be one from those which go away, almost running, with small parcels, to disappear in whirlpool of daily duties… Our main intention was creation of asylum, located on borderland of time and space, where ghosts of haste and fears are banned. Sofa has become a miraculous place, where you may to stop in restful escape from routine. Here you may to take a deep breath and immerse yourself in your thoughts or small talk with your friends.

However the atmosphere and comfort is not everything. Vision of our coffee shop was colored by passion for high quality products. We selected them with huge precision especially for you and caring about your needs. Please, look what we may offer you.