Menu for August

Menu for August

Menu is valid from the 1st of August 2021

Menu for August

“Raspberry August”

In the morning

Breakfast tortilla with egg /tortilla, 3 eggs, Parma ham, cheese, red pepper/ 18,-

Lunch time

Risotto with chanterelles /red onion, chanterelles, cream, arborio rice, parsley/ 24,-

All day

Salad with broad beans and halloumi /halloumi cheese, broad beans, strawberries, grape, quinoa, blueberries, spinach/ 24,-

Raspberry love

Raspberry and chocolate dessert /coconut milk, agave, chocolate, raspberries, shortbread cookies/ 16,-

Raspberry cake with pistachios /almonds, pistachios, dates, cocoa, cashews, coconut milk/ 18,-